What Is Net Metering For Solar Power? Everything You Need To Know.

Having a solar power system in your home can be incredible, and you can finally have some energy independence.
That means a great deal, especially when you’re living in a country like Pakistan. Finally, you can enjoy cold air, hot water, and use all of your technology without having to worry about load shedding.
However, among the most notable benefits of solar energy systems is net metering. Many people fall in love with the idea of it as soon as they hear it. For some, it may drive them more towards going solar for their homes and offices.
Going no further, let’s get into what net metering is, how net metering works in Pakistan, and other common questions people ask.

What Is Net Metering For Solar Power?

If you have a solar power system in your home or a factory, you will generate your very own electricity. With the concept of net metering, you can sell this energy to grid/utility companies like Lesco in Lahore and IESCO in Islamabad.

Net energy metering is simply a billing mechanism made for people who own solar power systems to sell energy to the electrical grid.

How Does Net Metering Work in Pakistan?

Whether you’re getting a solar power system or already have one, you should have some idea of the amount of electricity it can produce. If your solar energy system can generate more energy than your home or property needs, you can sell that extra by sending it to the grid.

However, your home must still be connected to the electrical grid for net metering to be possible. If you’re living off the grid and using solar power, you won’t be able to sell back any electricity. But there is still hope for off-grid solar users if they can get a three-phase meter installed. You can contact RS Energy and get back on the grid, as well as have net metering set up for your home.

The only problem with net metering is that the electrical companies won’t pay you back for your electricity in most cases. Instead, they will simply net off the electricity you supply to them and the electricity they provide to your home.

Therefore, net metering is mostly useful if you are also using electricity from the grid from time to time. Nonetheless, you should still get in touch with RS Energy to find out if there is a way around this for net metering in Pakistan.

Why Does the Government Offer Net Metering in Pakistan?

Many people consider why the government would want to buy electricity from regular citizens because of how great net metering is for them.

If you think about it, Pakistan is already suffering from an electricity shortage. The big cities of the country are having trouble supplying electricity to all the residents properly, never mind the smaller cities, towns, or villages. Other than getting help, the government offers to purchase electricity from you to create jobs and encourage investments in the country.

If people want to benefit from net metering, they will go for more solar power systems. This creates jobs for manufacturers, electricians, and many other professionals. RS Energy has a significant number of professionals working together to offer quality solar services to people. Therefore, the government agrees to buy from you because it benefits them and other citizens as well.

What Are The Benefits of Net Metering In Pakistan?

Now that you know what net metering is, you might get a solar power system for your home. The following benefits may give you extra encouragement to spend a little more and get net metering as well.

If you already have solar panels generating electricity for your home, you can still contact RS Energy and get a net meter.

Lower or No Electricity Bills

If we connect your solar energy system to a net meter, it will supply electricity to the grid. The more electricity you’re providing, the more credit you will have in your utility/electrical company’s account.

That means you can use their electricity whenever your solar panels are not producing enough, like during the night or cloudy days, without having to pay much or any money.

It is like giving them electricity that you can use later. But you will have to pay if you take more than you give.

No Need for Batteries

Solar energy systems that are connected to the grid rarely require any batteries. As discussed above, you can use the grid of electricity when your solar panels aren’t generating because you are supplying electricity to them as well.

Considering batteries aren’t cheap and they need replacement every few years, you will save on initial costs and further expenses down the road. You also don’t need to have a backup generator in case something happens to your solar panels. You can still use the electricity from the grid.

Does Net Metering Work With All Solar Power Systems?

With solar energy systems in Pakistan, choose between three basic options: one grid, off-grid, and hybrid solar power. However, on-grid and hybrid solar power systems are more popular than off-grid solar.

With off-grid solar energy in Pakistan, we will disconnect you from the electrical grid. All the electricity you use will need to be generated from your solar panels. With a single-phase meter our smart controller helps you use grid electricity when required, but you can’t export extra units to the grid.

Off the grid, solar can also be expensive, which is why it’s the least popular method in Pakistan. Unless you live in rural areas or need an agricultural solar energy system in Pakistan.

With on-grid solar power, you can easily benefit from net metering because your home will remain connected to the grid. You also don’t need any batteries because of the grid connection, making this the most affordable solar power option as well.

You can also get net metering with hybrid solar power systems. Hybrid solar energy systems are much like on-grid solar because they also connect them to the grid for extra electricity. However, they are also like off-grid solar energy systems because they have batteries. Hybrid solar power systems have the best of both worlds.

For net metering, you can go on-grid or hybrid solar. Regardless of which one you choose, you can contact RS Energy by Zahid & Company to get quality products and services.

Do You Need Professionals to Install Net Metering in Pakistan?

Having a net meter connection for your solar power system can be great. However, the installation process requires an approved vendor to have a licence from AEDB (Alternate energy development board). When commissioning a net meter, you should get someone with experience and expertise to handle the work. If things go wrong, you can damage your solar products or short-wire circuits.

RS Energy handles and guides customers throughout all phases of net metering.

Net Metering Procedure

1: Application for Net Metering

RS Energy helps customers in filling out the application and other documents as per the requirements of NEPRA and AEDB.

2: Inspection by DISCO

After the approval of the application, the relevant DISCO will do an on-site inspection. We will assist clients during that inspection.

3: Agreement between Consumer & DISCO

After all the legal documents and requirements are relevant, DISCO will sign a three-year contract with the consumer.

4: Allotment of License

The allotment of electricity generation license means now the consumer can now feed the surplus electricity produced to the grid.

5: Activation of Net Meter

RS Energy will connect the inverter and reverse meter for smooth transformation of solar power to the grid.

However, net metering can be great once it’s all set up. For grid and hybrid systems, net metering is a must. There is no way around the process to make those solar energy systems fully functional.