Off-Grid vs. On-Grid Solar: Which Is Better For You?

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When it comes down to getting a solar power electricity system for your property, you have two simple options in front of you. However, one door leads to another decision with two more options, and the other door is the end-stage.

Confused? Solar power is a little complex, but all of your options and the right choice will be very clear at the end of this blog.

The first two doors in front of you are off grid and on grid solar power systems. They are both complex systems and can be big or small. There are drawbacks to each type. But, the disadvantages don’t outweigh the massive number of benefits.

Now, let’s dive into off grid and on grid solar power.

What Is An On-Grid Solar Power System?

On-Grid Solar Working

Although the name is self-explanatory, the entire system can be reasonably complex.

With an on grid solar power system, we will still connect your home to the electrical grid. This will allow you to buy electricity from your local electrical company.

You will have a fully functioning solar power system, which can provide enough electricity to power up your entire house. However, on grid power systems rarely have batteries. Therefore, they rarely stock up on electricity for rainy or cloudy days.

When electricity is being generated, you will power your home up. If there is any excess electricity, you can send it to the electrical grid and sell it to your local electrical company using the concept of net metering. You can contact RS Energy to get net metering in Pakistan.

But if your solar power system is generating less electricity to meet your home’s needs, your connection to the grid will allow you to use electricity from your local electrical company. If you sell to them and buy from them, you could end up paying nothing or very little. But that depends on how much you buy and sell.

Benefits of an On Grid Solar Energy System

With a general understanding of an on grid solar power system, let’s get into its benefits for your home in Pakistan.

1.     Affordable

Not to state the obvious, but the reason solar energy even interests most people is that it can reduce their expenses. However, many buyers back out when they hear how much the initial costs are for an entire solar power system.

But getting an on grid solar power system is the cheapest option. The reason is there are no batteries. Since your on-grid solar energy system in Pakistan will not require any batteries, the initial cost will be much easier to burden.

Not only that, but you can contact RS Energy to discuss financing options to make things even more affordable.

2.     Less Electricity Dependence

In Pakistan, it’s common knowledge that there is a serious electricity problem. Even in the big cities, there are power outages because the electricity companies practice load shedding. They also do it to reduce the burden because their systems can’t handle too prime requirements of the residents.

With an on grid solar power system, you can become less dependent on the local electrical companies and use homemade electricity. Not only that, but you can even sell your power to the electrical companies, so other people don’t have to suffer from load shedding as well. Supply the demand.

3.     Lower Your Electricity Bills

When you get an on grid solar power system, your home will stay connected to the grid. Therefore, you should be able to use the electricity supplied by your local electrical companies when your solar panels are not generating enough.

However, you will also be able to sell electricity when your solar panels are generating more than you need.

Therefore, your bills should see a significant drop. In some months, you might even get a negative balance on your electricity bill.

4.     Lasts a Long Time

A population of people thinks that solar power systems don’t have a long life. They also believe components of solar energy systems need to be replaced every few years, and it’s all just not worth the trouble or the money. But that is far from the truth.

If you have an on grid solar power system in Pakistan, you can expect to rest easy for a couple of decades. Of course, there will be little maintenance, and you will have to replace any parts that get damaged. But you won’t have to change out the expensive batteries every few years, and the on-grid system should last a long time.

The quality of the products, design, and engineering matter a lot as well. Therefore, contact RS Energy by Zahid & Company in Pakistan for your solar needs.

What Is An Off Grid Solar Power System?

Off-Grid Solar Solution

You obliterate yourself from the electrical grid when you go with the off grid solar energy system.

With an off-grid solar power system, you are putting all of your eggs in one basket. Your property will run on solar-generated electricity alone.

Depending on your home’s electricity needs and its size, an off grid solar power system can require a more significant initial investment than the other types.

Make sure your solar panels can generate enough electricity, and your solar inverters can efficiently convert all of it to useful electricity for your home and then some more. The extra electricity your solar panels generate needs to be stored for later use. For that, you will need to have one or more batteries.

It may seem a little tricky to know how much extra you should have in your batteries. You should think about nighttime, cloudy days, rainy season, and winter days with less sunlight. Basically, it would be helpful to research how many days in a year are sunny on average in your city and area. Then decrease the number by a few days to be safe.

Benefits of an Off Grid Solar Energy System

With some understanding of an off grid solar power system, let’s look at the benefits of getting one for your property.

1.     Reducing Electrical Costs

With an off-grid solar power system, you don’t have to rely on the grid for any of your electricity. That means you don’t have to pay electrical bills every month. Absolutely zero.

While you have to purchase several products and make a significant investment initially, the upkeep on these can be more affordable than the monthly bills you have to pay now. However, it will be more expensive than having an on grid solar energy system.

In the long run, benefit from switching to solar power completely.

2.     Complete Electrical Independence

Considering that we have completely disconnected you from the electrical grid with an off grid solar energy system, you are entirely electricity independent.

Living in Pakistan, having electrical independence can be a fantastic feeling. With an off grid solar power system, you don’t have to worry about getting a UPS or a generator to manage the power shortages and load shedding. You can enjoy all the cold air in the hot summers and turn up the heater during harsh winter days without a worry.

When your neighbours see that you have power when theirs goes out, they will even want to contact RS Energy and get on the solar train.

3.     Straightforward Installation

Since the off grid solar power system has no connection to any electrical grids, much of the complex installation process goes right out the door. Therefore, your installation costs should see a reduction as well.

Straightforward installation doesn’t mean that it will become an easy DIY solar project. Anyone who instals the system still needs to have the technical knowledge and some experience. Therefore, contact RS Energy for all your solar needs.

Hybrid Solar Power System

Hybrid Solar Solution

On-grid and off grid aren’t the only options when going solar. You also have the option to go with the latest and most incredibly popular hybrid solar system.

With a hybrid solar energy system, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Your home will remain connected to the electrical grid. This will allow you to get electricity from the grid if your solar panels are insufficient. It will also allow you to sell electricity when you’re generating extra through net metering.

Along with that, you will also have a battery in your home. That means you will store electricity and use that for a rainy day instead of relying on the electrical grid to rescue you.

You can contact RS Energy by Zahid & Company to get a hybrid solar power system in Pakistan.

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