Detail Design & EPC

31 years of energy experience

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Design & Engineering.

We tailor each system according to the location, considering

the energy requirements and energy consumption.

Our experienced design department considers size, requirements, and capital expenditure to generate a maximum return for our customers. During execution, our engineering department constantly assesses the system's performance and its cost to determine the best overall solution. RS Energy values its clients. We entirely based our design philosophy according to customer requirements, keeping in line with our Pakistani weather for the maximum yield. Our team consistently follows the most practical guidelines to ensure safety and reliability. Our design team uses the industry leading software solutions for data analysis & shadow analysis to access the size of PV systems either On-Grid, Hybrid or stand-alone.

Procurement & Construction

Project success depends upon construction. We know how to execute the project in the real world–On time & budget. We bought equipment from high end suppliers who offer the best quality panels, inverters and other accessories in the market with excellent warranty.

Since 1991, we are evaluating project’s critical components from the pre-construction stage to closing out data. Our proactive approach helps us to meet the major project’s milestones efficiently and effectively, keeping the safety requirements at the top.


RS Energy’s responsibility increases after the execution. Our priority is great customer relationships

. We understand that going solar is a long-term investment. You need a company that can provide you with long-term care for operations and maintenance. Our efficient and experienced in-house team knows how to handle your solar system issues. We consider ourselves responsible if any customer wants to claim warranty for the appliances installed.

“We will help you reach your goals of energy independence, carbon footprint reduction, and energy cost savings through the clean energy solution.”

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