Net Metering Support

About Net Metering

Solar energy is a long-term power solution. Net metering policy is for consumers who own solar energy facilities.

“Solar homes make their electricity but still can use grid electricity when needed. If their production is greater than the demand, they get credit for contributing extra to the grid.”

On Grid homes produce green electricity for their consumption, and extra energy can be sold to the relevant DISCO with the application of net meter.

The Solar system gives access to green, reliable and low-cost electricity supply during the system’s life. The residential & commercial customers can switch their electricity load to solar energy to slash their power bills.
Net Metering Procedure

1: Application for Net Metering

RS Energy helps customers in filling out the application and other documents as per the requirements of NEPRA and AEDB.

2: Inspection by DISCO

After the approval of the application, the relevant DISCO will do an on-site inspection. We will assist clients during that inspection.

3: Agreement between Consumer & DISCO

After all the legal documents and requirements relevant, DISCO will sign a Seven-year contract with consumer.

4: Allotment of License

The allotment of electricity generation license means now the consumer can now feed the surplus electricity produced to the grid.

5: Activation of Net Meter

RS Energy will connect the inverter and reverse meter for smooth transformation of solar power to the grid.