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Residential Solutions

The decision to have a solar energy system on your rooftop is convenient with RS Energy. Every family’s decision for opting solar energy has a different reason. We will work collectively to seek the best residential solar system installation in Pakistan for your family. RS Energy understands that every system is unique, so we will custom-build your system to fit your needs.

Benefits of Solar Energy system

Adding residential solar panels to your home presents several environmental and monetary benefits. From reducing your power bill to independence from grid energy. However, some undoubted benefits of solar power systems are as follows.


Installing solar in your home could reduce your energy bill by allowing you to source your energy directly from the sun. Generate your green power with our efficient solar lower system.


Source your energy from the sun and convert it into usable power with the help of an invertor that you own. No need to rent your power from the grid 365 days a year.

Power back with rs energy  PROTECT AGAINST POWER OUTAGES

If you’re renting your power from a utility company in Pakistan, you’re at the mercy of a potential outage at any moment. RS Energy offers battery backups, which allow you to store any excess solar energy that you don’t use.


We use Tire 1 PV panels from the Best Producers in the world. They are modern and aesthetically designed to mesh seamlessly with your roof. Built to undergo everything from sturdy winds and rain to intense temperatures and thunderstorms.


Residential ON-GRID System 

The on-grid solar system, also known as the grid-tie system, will reduce dependency on the grid. The on-grid homes mostly use the energy produced by the solar system installed at his home, but in case solar energy does not cover his domestic electricity needs, the grid will cover the deficit. In simple words, On-grid homes have two sources of electricity. They can use their solar energy along with grid energy.

on grid by Rs energy

“On-grid users after the installation of Net Meter can get benefits against the extra energy produced.”

Residential Hybrid Solution

Hybrid solar systems are like On-Grid systems but can store energy with the help of batteries. This ability to store energy enables most hybrid systems to operate as a backup power supply during blackouts, just like UPS or generators. Hybrid users, after the installation of the net meter can get benefits against the extra energy produced. Since the batteries are involved, this system needs maintenance.

Working of Hybrid Solar System

“Hybrid users just like on-grid users after the installation of net meter can get benefits against the extra energy produced.”

Off-Grid System

Off the grid means you are not connected to the power grid at all. Your electricity supply is completely reliant on your solar energy system. You won’t have an electricity bill and your home runs completely on green energy. That is not a problem, but there can be some inconveniences. For example, you must have a backup system, possibly a generator, when you are off-grid.

off grid

This system performs well in remote areas and is best suitable for agriculture appliances.



Solar installation is quick and easy with RS Energy.

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