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Leveraging a legacy of extensive experience in the energy sector, the RS Energy solar team offers sophisticated engineering, procurement, and construction capabilities to deliver superior solar project solutions.

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We are committed to spearheading the green energy movement with a robust portfolio of renewable energy projects. Our objective is to foster sustainable development in the region by adopting responsible and effective strategies that make a meaningful difference.


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"Over the curse of last 20 months, we've employed RS Energy's solar set up, resulting in average of 1,700 units monthly. With a grand total of 34200 units generated, our satisfaction is profound."

Mr. Mehmood

LDA Lahore

"We've had RS Energy's solar system for 18 months now, producing an average of 4500 units per month. With a total of 81200 units generated, we're extremely satisfied and whole heartedly recommend their services."

Muhammad Shahid

Sabzazar Lahore

"RS Energy's solar system is a game changer! In under 2 years, remarkable energy savings & solid performance. The decision to go solar with RS Energy was the best investment. Top-notch services."

Farhan Malik

Phase 1 DHA, Lahore

"RS Energy's solar panel installation: Impressive 1 year performance! Energy savings and seamless process. Highly recommended."

Abubakar Bilal

Eden cottage Lahore Cantt


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18 March 2024

Amazing benefits of switching to solar energy

Kicking off with the most significant and most popular reason to love solar energy, low electricity bills. No matter what season you look at, there is always some technology that consumes a lot of power. Whether it be air conditioning, water heaters, space heaters, or something else, you can't, or at least don't want to, live without them.


18 March 2024

How do solar panels work with grid connections

To find out how on-grid solar power electricity still works, you should know the basics. The solar panels you install on your property can be of different types. But they all capture the energy coming from the sunlight and use it in their ways to turn it into electricity.


18 March 2024

How many solar panels can power your home?

To properly answer the question in your mind, you will first need to calculate your home's current electricity usage. after doing that, you will calculate the number of solar panels for your home. so, let's get started.