Elevating Life with Solar Brilliance

Relying on a solid history of energy sector expertise, the RS Energy solar team offers sophisticated engineering, procurement, and construction services for solar projects. This depth of hands-on experience translates into superior project results for our esteemed clients.

When we started, I saw a chance to create positive change through operational excellence. With the right team and products, solar power can solve Pakistan's electricity challenges for generations. It's about more than savings; it's about reliability and trust. We inspire sustainability by promoting energy ownership and educating our solar family. Your support fuels our ambition to reshape perspectives. As CEO, I'm confident RS Energy's best is yet to come.


At RS Energy, we are on a passionate journey to illuminate Pakistan's path towards a brighter tomorrow. With our expertise in solar engineering, procurement, and construction, we're not just building solar projects; we're sculpting a sustainable legacy, empowering communities, and ushering in a new era of energy independence.


In the kaleidoscope of Pakistan's future, RS Energy envisions a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of sunlight. We dream of cities adorned with solar panels, where innovation dances freely, and the sun fuels our aspirations. Our vision is to paint a picture of a Pakistan powered by the boundless energy of the sun, where every dawn brings the promise of a brighter, greener tomorrow.

High voltage and Extra High Voltage sub-stations up to 500KV in NTDC, LESCO, and all other DISCOS.

RS Energy is a group company of Zahid and company. We are professional engineering, procurement, construction, and project management company established in 1991 to offer technologically innovative solutions to the public and private sectors. With over 31 years of experience, Zahid & company has completed multiple projects of 132/220KV Grid stations, Transmission lines, Building construction & Electrical equipment Installation, along with its testing for NTDC, LESCO, other DISCOS, and for other public and private organizations.

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