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Why Choose RS Energy for Commerical Solutions?

Electricity bill can be one of the largest business expenses. With RS Energy solar system you could cut costs and reduce carbon emission. You can improve your bottom line without giving attention to inevitable energy rate hikes. Solar power is not a huddle in your day to day activities, going solar means you are utilizing your roof to reduce your energy expenses. We will coordinate with all the aspects of design, procurement and constructions along with grid connectivity.

Our commercial On-grid solar system also known as grid-tie system will reduce dependency on grid. On-grid consumer mostly uses the energy produced by solar system installed at their factory but in case factory’s own green energy is insufficient to cover its electricity needs, the grid will cover the deficit. This system needs no battery backup and hence consumer can get lifelong benefits with minimum maintenance. On-grid users after the installation of net meter can get benefits against the extra energy produced.

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