Amazing benefits of switching to solar energy

18 March 2024 | 2 min read

Drastically Reduce Your Electric Bills

Kicking off with the most significant and most popular reason to love solar energy, low electricity bills. No matter what season you look at, there is always some technology that consumes a lot of power. Whether it be air conditioning, water heaters, space heaters, or something else, you can't, or at least don't want to, live without them. Getting a solar system installed in your home can help you cut a sizeable chunk off your electric bills. After all, the sun doesn't charge you a single rupee for turning its light into power. To make things more exciting, you can sell off the power that your solar panels produce. But more on that front later.

A Great Return on Investment

Among the aspects of solar energy that scare people, the initial investment might be at the very top. While it's common to assess the risks of investing in anything, a residential solar system might provide you with a glorious return on investment. The sum of your investment and the money you will end up saving from electric bills entirely depends on your electricity requirements—also, the size of the property and the availability of direct sunlight matter. Some consumers may simply go for smaller systems to cover parts of the house. Others put their entire homes on solar energy. Either way, you can only reap the fruits of the seeds you sow. A helpful fact you should note is that the solar system provided matters a great deal. Like any other product, there are low and high-quality solar panels, batteries, and other equipment. Getting a good provider, not necessarily the most expensive, can affect your ROI significantly. Therefore, it would be best to consider working with RS Energy.

Increase Your Property's Market Value

It's common for homeowners to keep up or increase the value of their property. They may modernise, add a garden, construct another floor, or simply keep up proper maintenance. While all these things may keep up the property's value, they will only benefit you when you're in the market to sell your property. A solar power system can be an excellent addition to present and future benefits. Presently, you can enjoy lower bills, uninterrupted energy, and much more. If you ever sell your home, you can attract regular buyers and those educated on the benefits of solar energy. You can take it a step further by letting the experts at RS Energy handle your solar system needs. With professional engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services, you can get the best solutions at the best prices. Remember, quality products and installations are essential.

Living an Energy Independent Life

Living in Pakistan, you may well know the electricity shortage problems everyone has to endure. Electricity prices can fluctuate, and they may even vary from area to area. Apart from the rates your utility company charges, there are also electrical shortages or load shedding. Even if you have a UPS or generator to deal with load shedding, it can be highly inconvenient. Not to mention, you also have to bear the costs of batteries with a UPS or a fuel with a generator apart from the maintenance and repairs. To make your life much easier, you can look into solar power systems. If you opt for a hybrid solar energy system, you will get a battery that can store the power your solar panels produce. you can use the power on later. You can think of it as a UPS or generator, but better and more environmentally friendly.

Enjoy the Benefits of Net Metering

The Alternate Energy Development Board in Pakistan offers residential and commercial consumers an exceptionally wonderful opportunity. However, many people don't know about it. Net metering is when you produce your power and sell it to the power companies. When you sell the energy back to them, they will either subtract the amount from your bills, put your account in negative, and then adjust in the following months. Considering that Pakistan is well-known for load shedding due to low power, AEDB is adjusting electricity units against units, but in other countries like Australia the units, produced with renewable energy source, sent back to grid is worth 75% less than the units used from grid.. However, there is a time-consuming approval process that is unavoidable. Fortunately, you can get net metering support from the seasoned professionals at RS Energy. We will handle everything, from helping in preparing applications to commissioning the net meter.

Stay Connected To the Grid While Using Solar Power

There is a prevalent misconception among the public. They think you have to either be on solar power or stay connected to the grid. In reality, however, that is not the case. When you transition to solar power, you don't need to purchase an extensive solar energy system to power the entire house throughout the year. You can choose a more minor solar power system and use energy from the grid as well. In fact, a common practice among many solar power users is to utilize both sources. They use solar power and store excess energy. They use the energy from the grid when their battery gets low on power and the sun isn't shining brightly. Another method is to power up solar batteries and use them when electrical companies are charging peak rates.

Using Reliable and Renewable Energy

The sun offers an infinite source of power to everyone, unlike fossil fuels. Even when the power companies cannot provide, the sun will be reliable. However, you will need a team of experts to properly determine your electricity needs properly. In addition, seasoned professionals from RS Energy will install the solar panels you're paying for to ensure they capture the maximum energy. Even a slight change in the angle could keep you from fully utilising their power. Remember, faulty installations can mean your solar panels are not correctly fitted. As a result, they may change their angle or get damaged.

Easy to Maintain Over the Years

For maintenance, you need to keep your solar panels clean to allow them to capture the most sunlight. Other than that, your maintenance routine will depend on the type of solar system you're using, the quality of the products, and the expertise of the installation team. If everything is top-notch, you should have an incredibly worry-free and stress-free solar experience.